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Kimberlites form this region do yield beautiful diamonds which mostly range from very small to a maximum of 3 carats. Customers have found 1/4 carat to 1/2 carat blue diamonds and yellow & clear diamonds between 1/4 and 2 carats within our specimens worth $1,500-$4,000. Many customers find no diamonds on the surface or within the Kimberlite. Many keep it as a displayable specimen piece after reviewing the surface for gemstones and having the specimen polished. Polished Kimberlite is even more stunning than the finest black marble. As our private claims give us access to large amounts of raw specimens, we are able to offer Kimberlite specimens far cheaper than our competitors who charge four to ten times as much as we do for the same specimens form the same region! Kimberlite without any diamonds currently sells for an average of $50 to $90 for a few grams depending on quantity and the location it was extracted from.

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Kimberlite for Sale

Our Kimberlite is guaranteed to be hand dug, unsearched, and come from real volcanic Kimberlite pipes in Colorado's Redfeather Lakes District! Make your own jewelry, collect specimens, or explore our line of hand-crafted diamond ore jewelry, crystal ball spheres, polished slabs, and artisnal home furnishings.


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Our affordable Kimberlite are specimens great for collectors, jewelry makers/stores, or gem investors!



We are Colorado's best kept secret for hand dug Kimberlites!

Here at, we strive to offer the best specimens for sale on the web today. is a small family business based out of beautiful Colorado. We proudly take our old family Toyota truck, a few five gallon buckets, and a pile of hand tools, pick axes, and shovels to the beautiful Redfeather Lakes Mining District where diamond bearing Kimberlite pipes have been discovered.

It is unfortunate that many of our online competitors have to charge so much for specimens as we doubt they have the access to the private property and claims in the region that have taken our family decades to build and get access to.

Our Kimberlites are from diamond producing pipes. Colorado diamonds form this region are not always the largest, but they can be abundant. Our regular customers are some who thoroughly process our Kimberlites often report at least specks of diamonds. As stated earlier, some customers do find 1/4 to 2-3 carat diamonds. Many repeat customers purchase in bulk as they resell or craft the Kimberlite into other products, often at a hefty markup. Just look at the pricing for such small amounts on other online stores. These folks routinely purchase between 25 and 100 pounds from us a month. Our most successful customers buy in bulk to access our impressive discount pricing.

We aim for 100% satisfaction. We put a lot of physical work and technique into finding you the best specimens we can. If you are not happy with your order in any way, please feel free to contact us so we can see how to turn you into a happy customer!

Questions? Our customers' needs come first.

Contact our customer service and support team HERE. is proudly owned and operated by Prestige Minerals & Gems, L.L.C., a small family-owned, Colorado based prospecting company.


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